Out Of The Abyss

Sweet Freedom! "Day" 1


Our brave adventurers have finally escaped the slave outpost, leaving their inhospitable host and the rest of her drow trapped behind tons of rubble. Frayed to the nerve, broken, bloodies, but with genuine hope, our adventurers took a well-earned and much needed rest.

Upon awakening, they were quite suddenly face-to-face with the reality that not a single one of them had the faintest idea of where to go, how to get there, or even where they were. They were forced to consult with their own companions, the motley crew they had escaped with. But who among them could be trusted?

Eldeth let them know that she was unfamiliar with this region of the Underdark, though added as a seasoned scout she could certainly pull her weight in terms of survival. Jimjar, too, did not know where he was exactly, nor did Shuushar or Stool. Topsy & Turvy similarly reported being lost. That left…the others.

The ones still covered in blood from the escape, and not from combat: Buppido, Ront, Derendil, and Sarith.

Neither Ront nor Derendil knew anything about where they were. Buppido could navigate back to Gracklstugh, but only from The Darklake. That left…Sarith. The drow. Not surprisingly, it turned out that he could navigate through the Underdark, and would allow these “surface dwellers” to accompany him. But to where?

Sarith wished to head towards the Neverlight Grove, to take up Stool’s promise of sanctuary and hospitality that the myconids would provide. Jimjar mentioned that a path to the surface could be found from Blingdenstone, a svirfneblin city. Buppido claimed that a path could also be found to the surface from Gracklstugh, the duergar city. They could also acquire more provisions, as well. Jimjar, though, pointed out that the gray dwarves were just as likely to enslave our heroes as help them. Shuushar suggested heading to the Darklake and visiting the kuo-toa settlement of Sloobludop. Boats could be acquired there, and Shuushar assured our adventurers that he can navigate the Darklake like a fish. He also wanted to spread his message of enlightenment to his fellow kuo-toa.

Ultimately – after much bickering – it was decided that the wisest course of action would be to head towards the Darklake. It was the closest destination, and it provided the most options as far as travel was concerned. Sarith agreed to guide them there.

Suddenly, rats!

While making their way through the Underdark, our brave adventurers were ambushed by not one, not two, but three swarms of rats. Swarms that seemed to be looking for something. No…not looking.


…in the absence of whatever (or whomever) it is that they were listening for, they grew agitated. They attacked our heroes. But three swarms of rats were no match for our rested and revitalized adventurers (that incident with the torch notwithstanding).

After dispatching those rats (their only crime was a love of music), our heroes pressed on. Oddly enough, they came across some lights shining off the beaten path. Boldly, they decided to investigate, because light in the Underdark is always worth investigating. Following the lights, they were led to a small set of ruins. Duergar ruins, lit with torches.


In a twist, it turns out that some human bandits had come across these same ruins, and were looking for treasure. Our adventurers encountered them, but violence did not actually ensue. The bandits looked tired, as though they were not truly in the mood to fight. It was a tense, delicate situation that looked as though it could have ended without bloodshed.

Then, for reasons all his own, one adventurer aimed a longbow at one of the bandits. Naturally, as any fool could predict, combat ensued.

During combat, the bandit leader emerged from a tent, a mad look in his eyes. He then screamed and collapsed to the ground. There was a horrifying noise, and then his skull actually popped open, revealing his brain…which began to move. It then leapt out of his head, and it had legs. After steeling themselves against such a horrific encounter and recovering from this initial shock, our heroes were able to triumph over that…aberration.

Not surprisingly, the bandits did not wish to fight or do anything but just leave. Wisely, our heroes allowed them, and they left in peace.

Our heroes resumed their journey, triumphant, but having a difficult time quelling a nagging thought: This was just their first day in the Underdark. What kind of horrors awaited them?

What horrors, indeed?

Players: Jobe, VĂ rdos, Renee, Alexander, John Willow

Enemies Defeated/Dealt With

Swarm of Rats – 3


  • Markos
  • Jeremy
  • Alice
  • Brian
  • Fast Jack
  • Slow Jack

Bandit Captain/Intellect Devourer

Experience Gained: 150

Potentiality For Sarith To Betray Group And Leave Them To Die, Terrified And Alone In Some Godforsaken Cavern Huddled Together For Warmth And Waiting On A Sunrise That Will Never Come: What, a drow betray surface dwellers? Never happen.


Whoops. Sorry about the rats!

Sweet Freedom! "Day" 1

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