Out Of The Abyss

Sweet Freedom! "Day" 2: Out of the Frying Pan


Our brave adventurers have continued their trek through the Underdark. Never has a place more lived up to its name. The darkness is unending, and ages have passed since they have felt the warmth of the sun upon their aching backs and shoulders.

Sarith, leading the party, has insisted on traveling in darkness. In his own words, “I don’t know what it’s like where you come from, surface-dweller. But this is the Underdark. This place hunts light.” Despite his gruff demeanor, our heroes were forced to acknowledge that he does have a point. The Underdark does not suffer guests well, and light sources clearly mark you as an outsider.

This was all the more reason that it was so peculiar that they came across a cavern that seemed to be emitting a bright source of light on its own. Knowing that things that give off light in the Underdark are to be investigated, our intrepid heroes stepped into the cavern.

They discovered the source of the light (shortly after a cleric shoot magic into the empty cavern for some odd reason). Crystals. Crystals that were glowing with light of their own. As they watched in surprise and amazement, one hero noticed Sarith narrow his eyes, and utter a single word under his breath: Faerzress

One adventurer attempted to harvest one of the crystals, to take on their journey. After striking one of the crystals, it exploded in a brilliant flash of light, blinding him and perhaps teaching him a valuable lesson about striking things.

However, our heroes reasoned that having crystals that can explode in a brilliant flash of light when struck can perhaps prove useful, especially in combat. They were able to harvest 12 of them in total.

Suddenly, rocktopus!

Disturbed by the noise and sudden flash of light, a giant octopus approached and attacked our heroes. But this was no ordinary octopus! It had evolved over time to survive on land, and it moved amongst stone as freely as its kin could move upon the sea.

No, not an octopus…but a rocktopus!

But it turns out that our heroes weren’t going to be pulled down by some mutated mollusk, either by land or by sea! They took to task, and were able to take down that rowdy rocktopus.

However, they noticed that this rocktopus had friends that seemed to be approaching. Wisely, they opted to leave that cavern.

While continuing down the path, they soon found themselves in the presence of an enormous amount of bones. Humanoid, and otherwise. It was impossible to gauge how many bones there were, or how long they had been there.

But there were bones, and apparently, waste-not, want-not. Our heroes were able to craft some usable tools and weapons from those bones. On a related note, they were also able to disturb the final resting place of some of those bones, and were summarily attacked by skeletons.

Skeletons which were, thanks to our heroes, put back to rest.

Afterwards, our adventurers decided they needed a rest of their own. After a discussion (for some baffling reason), they decided not to rest in the giant boneyard, and found a safe, secure place to make camp.

When they woke up, Topsy & Turvy were gone.

There appeared to be no sign of struggle. After some discussion, Eldeth agreed to track them down. The rest of our heroes pressed on, deeper into the Underdark.

Players: Jobe, Samadora, visitors

Enemies Defeated/Dealt With:

  • Giant Rocktopus
  • Skeletons – 6

Experience Gained: 125

Potentiality For This To Be The First Part Of A Slow Demise To Attrition In This Place Where Light Fears To Tread: And then, there were seven.



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