Out Of The Abyss

Sweet Freedom! "Day" 3 - Something's Rotten In The State Of The Underdark


Our brave adventurers continue to press on through the Underdark, hoping to make their way to their destination of The Darklake, and ultimately, the surface. However, setting out this day – as if one can truly measure days in this place that sunlight has forsaken – was far different than any others. For our heroes had discovered that some of the prisoners they had escaped from the Velkynvelve with were—missing! Topsy & Turvy had vanished, and they had sent Eldeth to track them down. The dwarf assured them she would scour the regions for them, but pressed our heroes on.

It was, oddly, Jimjar who stated the uncomfortable fact that perhaps the twins did not wish to be found.

After a chance encounter with a group of wandering bards (one wonders how they wandered into the Underdark) involving arrows and poisoned crossbow bolts, Sarith continued guiding the party through the twisting tunnels and winding paths in the Underdark. Before much time had passed, though, our adventurers had their olfactory senses violated by the most horrific stench any of them had ever encountered, ever.

For reasons that will surely die with them, they decided to continue towards that horrific odor.

It was then that they came to the source of that fantastically fetid fetor: A bubbling, oozing pit of muck that stretched as far as the eye could see, and contained pungent aromas that would have most men praying for death. It was through this pit that they may have found a way to the surface, though one suspects they were perhaps reconsidering if the sun was truly that important to them.

It was. They bravely pressed on, feeling the silt and muck and other filth (there were things in that bubbling muck far worse than “mud”) seep through their armor, through their clothes, and onto their bodies. Some of them were so distracted by this that they dropped their guard. But three of them had a perception that seemed to come from the divine will of the gods, and could see that they were watched. By hideous, foul creatures that seemed to even enjoy the funk of the pit. Grimloks.

Grimloks that – guided by the preternatural senses of those esteemed three – were no match for our heroes! They were swiftly overcome…and then, for reasons that one can only attribute to adapting to one’s locale, their bodies were desecrated.

As they continued down the path, our heroes once again encountered a cavern that seemed lit by an otherwordly force, a magic Jobe correctly identified as faerzress. And in this cavern, there were several large mushrooms. Mushrooms that could serve as food for our heroes, as they had nearly exhausted the rations they had procured from the Velkynvelve.

But were the mushrooms edible? Safe? Because one mushroom stopped glowing as soon as it was touched, something that most would interpret as a sign that there was more to meet the eye with these fantastic fungi. But one adventurer threw caution to the wind and attempted to uproot a mushroom for reasons one can only attribute to madness.

This particular mushroom, though, was known as Timmask, “the devil’s mushroom”. Uprooting this mushroom released a cloud of poison that befuddled the senses of some of our heroes. These heroes were detained until the fog of confusion left them, and the rest of the group continued to harvest what they could.

Suddenly, sentience!

Upon touching one mushroom, four of our heroes were greeted by a mushroom that touched them back! Malevolently, as they had encountered a mushroom that had been transformed by the magic of the Underdark into a vicious thing. They scarcely had an opportunity to recover from that shock before the mushroom next to it let loose an ear-piercing shriek that echoed throughout the caverns.

Our heroes swarmed to attack the mushrooms that had attacked them. Our adventurers had matters well in hand…

…and then, the goblins arrived.

Goblin bandits attracted by the sounds of a screaming mushroom set upon our heroes, murder in their evil, twisted goblin hearts. A fierce battle ensued, but in the end, our stalwart adventurers were able to hold their own against a contingent of goblin ambushers and some maniacal mushrooms.

After the battle, our heroes staggered away from the mushroom field, searching for an area to lick their wounds and recover. They stumbled across a cave and opted to set up camp to end the day. As they drifted off into sleep, one wonders if they illumination of the faerzress around them allowed them to notice the look Sarith gave them, or if they recalled Sarith’s earlier remarks that faerzress had odd effects on magic….

Players: Jobe, John Willow, Vermis, Quiddy, Monticus

Enemies Defeated/Dealt With:

  • Grimlock – 4
  • Violet Fungus
  • Shrieker
  • Goblins – 4
  • Goblin Boss – 1

Experience Gained: 132

Potentiality For Ill Effects To Spring Upon The Party After Resting So Close To A Goblin Ambush In An Area With Magic Mushrooms: Oh, that would never happen.



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