Asha Vandree


Asha Vandree is a junior priestess under the guidance of Ilvara. Ara, Eldeth, and Topsy have been assigned to tidy her quarters at various times. During one such incident, Ara noticed Asha seemed distracted about something, and questioned her about that. Surprisingly, instead of having her beaten into unconsciousness, Asha let slip that she was unhappy with the treatment of Jorlan, and that he was a finer warrior than Shoor.

Ara ended up letting slip that an escape was being planned, and Asha responded with “That would cause a great deal of embarrassment for Ilvara, wouldn’t it?” before leaving the room.

You have discovered that Asha is Shoor’s cousin.

Ara searched Asha’s quarters, finding a pair of heavy silver candlesticks, and a giant wooden spider with eyes made of jet. Ara took the eyes, and then was immediately attacked by a giant spider.

Asha called the spider off, then mentioned that the eyes were cursed. Ara asked why they would curse the eyes, to which Ara responded “We don’t like thieves.”

Asha Vandree

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