Jorlan Duskryn


Jorlan Duskryn is one of the drow at the Velkynvelve. While he is frequently the one who has to bring you your meals and perform menial tasks around the outposts, even those of you not schooled in martial combat can see that he stands and moves like someone who has had extensive combat training. You have also noticed that he has severe injuries over part of his body: His sword hand is missing two fingers, and his face is scarred and melted on one side.

The other side, as Ara immediately noticed and is fond of pointing out, even in situations where her attention should be focused elsewhere, is still quite handsome.

Jorlan tends to regard you and the other prisoners with more curiosity than contempt. At one point, when he was bringing you your meals, Ara attempted to persuade him to help your people escape. To everyone’s surprise, he said “If I could provide you with a means to escape from here, would you take it?”

Jorlan then told you he would leave the gate unlocked during a changing of the guards. He told your party of about the armory located in a stalactite across from your slave pen, then told you that you could drop down to the spiderwebs below. From there, you could drop into the pool and leave this place.

Before the plan could go into effect, another escape was attempted. As the commander of the outpost was about to execute one of your own, a swarm of demons flew into the cave.

Jorlan explicitly told you that he had nothing to do with the demons.

Jorlan Duskryn

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