Shoor Vandree


Shoor Vandree is a young (relatively, for an elf) drow warrior, always at the side of Ilvara. He is openly boastful, and has no qualms with reminding you that you are alone down here in the Underdark, or using a wand at his side to trap characters in a colloidal prison. You have noticed that the other drow tend to defer to him as they would a superior officer.

While young, you have seen that Shoor is no stranger to combat, as he was able to strike down Kelanu with one blow. At that time, you noticed that he becomes incensed at any real of perceived disrespect towards “the Mistress”.

You have discovered that Shoor is the cousin of Asha Vandree, a junior priestess of Lolth at the Velkynvelve.

During your current escape attempt from the Velkynvelve, you came into Shoor’s quarters. You discovered some of his clothing, a black velvet mask stitched with silver thread in a spiderweb patten, a spider-shaped onyx brooch, some bone dice with Elvish characters, and a flask of strong, syrupy blue liquor.

Shoor Vandree

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