Out Of The Abyss

Sweet Freedom! "Day" 4 - Caveat Heros (Part III: ...2...1...Happy New--Surprise, M--)


Our brave adventurers are surely wishing they had remained in bed. That is where they could be, dreaming their dreams about returning to the surface world, where the sun could dance on their backs and the wind could play with their hair. They would be safe, there. Secure.

Not where they actually were. Trapped in the Underdark. running low on supplies and morale…and faced with the horrifying realization that Mistress Ilvara of House Mizzrym had found them.

She had found them.

Taking stock of the situation outside of the cave where they had been resting, our heroes realized that some drow scouts – clearly part of an advance party – had them pinned down. The scouts were harassing them with poisoned crossbow bolts. More than one adventurer became afflicted with the virulent drow poison. Then, operating like a well-oiled machine, the drow cast the cave our adventurers had been camping in into total darkness.

As our heroes prepared to fight, the arrival of Mistress Ilvara weighed heavily on their minds. Even the normally non-cooperative Sarith seemed focused on teamwork and defenses.

After quickly dispatching the scouts, our heroes hastily left their previous campgrounds. This was an act of strategy, not cowardice; as Jimjar put it “There’s no way we’re takin’ her on right now. No one would take those odds.”

Rushing quickly through the first caverns they could find, our heroes just as quickly found themselves in a naturally formed corridor that had them in such tight quarters they were forced to move two abreast. Ilvara’s voice could be heard thundering in the stone halls behind them, granting a sense of urgency to their steps. But this urgency came at a price, and they were thus caught unawares as a green slime dropped from the darkened ceiling, landing on an unfortunate tiefling warlock.

As the green slime ate through the chain shirt (and skin, for what it’s worth) of that tiefling, our heroes tried to discern how to save their companion. So much attention was given to the task of doing this, and so preoccupied where they with the ominous spectre of Ilvara that they scarcely noticed that they had attracted the attentions of two gray oozes and an ochre jelly.

But our heroes were nothing if not resourceful. After dealing with and destroying the green slime, they made short work of the ooze creatures that stood before them.

They scarcely had time to celebrate their victory, though. Two of them were struck with poisoned crossbow bolts, one of them was engulfed in sacred flames, faerie fire lit some of them up like some type of grand year ending ball in a square of the times, and their passageway was blockaded by webs that seemed to just spontaneously appear.

Mistress Ilvara was not finished with them. Mistress Ilvara had not even started.

Burning through the webs with a handy torch, our heroes continued their flight. As they continued making their way through the twisting caverns of the Underdark, they came upon a cliff that was spanned by a very old, very unstable-looking rope bridge.

When forced to choose between a rope bridge over a chasm that spanned endless depths of horrors and standing to fight Mistress Ilvara, our heroes made the correct decision, offering a prayer to their gods and crossing that bridge.

Suddenly, piercers!

As they made their way across, they realized that even this would be a simple matter, as piercers disguised as stalactites dropped on them from above. They emitted a horrendous stench when assaulted, something our heroes noticed but weren’t really focused on.

After crossing the last rope bridge, our heroes cut it behind them, sending the frayed fibers free, careening into the stalagmite filled darkness beneath them. As they did this, they stopped for a moment – for just a moment – to see who had been chasing them.

Mistress Ilvara glared at them from across the chasm. As did Asha Vandree, Shoor Vandree, and Jorlan Duskryn. Even from this distance, they could see the poison dripping off of the drow weapons, and the sound of each drop falling onto the cavern floor echoed throughout the area.

But just as our heroes were about to breathe a sigh of relief, they saw the drow raise into the air. They were levitating, all of them. They glided across the expanse, moving slowly, steadily, and unerringly towards our adventurers.

But not swiflty, as our heroes soon realized. With another, far more pressing sense of urgency granting a spring to their step, they hastened away from the floating dark elves, running headlong into the darkness, striving to place as much distance from themselves and their pursuers as possible.

One wonders if our heroes have learned that there are far worse things in the Underdark than the drow.

They will learn.


Players: Jobe Cainan, Melech, Torvald, Vardos, Dwight, Dargon, Marlowe

Enemies Defeated/Dealt With:

  • Drow – 4
  • Gray Ooze – 2
  • Ochre Jelly – 1
  • Piercers – 7

Obstacles Overcome

  • Green Slime

Experience Gained: 246

Potentiality For Our Adventurers To Be Harshly Confronted By The Premise That The Myriad Unknown And Unspeakable Dangers In The Underdark MIght Actually Be Worse Than Life As A Drow Slave: The devil you know….



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