Buppido is a male derro, a small creature that bears a slight resemblance to a dwarf. You know that he speaks Undercommon and Dwarvish, and have caught Eldeth glaring at him out of the corner of her eye. Buppido has a pleasant manner about him, and is talkative without being a motormouth.

However, in the middle of your escape from the Velkynvelve, you noticed Buppido had stopped over the body of a slain drow elite. He raised her chain shirt to expose her abdomen, and then plunged a hooked shortspear into her body, splitting it open. He then methodically began removing her organs, then rearranging them in a different fashion back inside her body. You could hear him chanting “Diinkarazan” under his breath while he did this.

You have no idea what that was about.

For reasons unknown, Bupiddo seems to speak with Kelanu.


Out Of The Abyss Playerbane