Eldeth Feldrun


Eldeth is a female shield dwarf from Gauntylgrym, a dwarven kingdom that had been reclaimed in the Underdark. She has mentioned more than once that she hates both the drow (you can tell she strained to avoid looking at Sarith when she said this) and the other – as she put it – “corrupt dark dwellers” such as the derro and duergar.

Eldeth seems to be reasonably level-headed and trustworthy, like most dwarves. However, you have encountered the same stubborn streak in her that dwarves are known for. She explicitly told you she was not going to escape from Velkynvelve without her family’s warhammer and shield (for what it’s worth, she did get those back, and you discovered your equipment there, too).

She has spent a lot of time discussing military strategy and combat techniques with Chryso.

She has agreed to search for Topsy & Turvy, the missing deep gnome twins.

Eldeth Feldrun

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