Mistress Ilvara Mizzrym


MIstress Ilvara of House Mizzrym is the cruel commander of the drow slave outpost called the Velkynvelve. You met her when she told you that you were cattle, and only by obeying would you survive. You met her again during your first attempted escape, when you discovered that her magic was not inconsequential; and then again during your second escape attempt, when she was about to have Kelanu fed to the spiders.

You have seen two weapons on her person: The drow scourge, which Eldeth told you was “trouble”; and a rod made of tentacles (Sarith curtly told you not to get hit with that).

From what you have seen, she seems cruel even for a drow, and you can tell she thinks this post is beneath her.

You have also noticed that the drow are servile to the point of obsequiousness towards her, and that Shoor seems to be at her right hand at all times. You have noticed Jorlan glaring at her and Shoor through narrowed eyes, and you have seen that Asha seems to not be as reverent towards her.

During your current jailbreak attempt (aided by a sudden arrival of demons), you went into her personal chambers. You found your belongings, a small shrine to Lolth and a silver-framed mirror, a silver chain headdress (set with two onyx stones), and a purse containing a small moonstone.

From what you could see of Mistress Ilvara’s face and eyes during your escape from the Velkynvelve, and what you heard in her voice? She is taking your escape as a personal injury and perhaps even a blasphemy. You know the drow are prone to fanaticism, and she seems to be no exception.

Mistress Ilvara Mizzrym

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