Shuushar The Awakened


Shuushar is one of the kuo-toa, a species that resemble anthropomorphic fish men. Everything you have heard about the kuo-toa suggests that they are completely mad, yet Shuushar projects an incredibly calm and peaceful presence. Shuushar told you that this has taken him a lifetime of quiet contemplation and solitary meditation. He is aware of his people’s reputation for madness, and takes no offense at people who fear he is one of “the mad fish people”.

Shuushar projects an aura of enlightened balance. He is even calm about his current state of imprisonment, something that is noble while at the same time being completely useless to your plans of jailbreak. He is also a complete pacifist, something that is also frustrating. This frequently leads to him being a target of Ront’s bullying.

You have discovered that Shuushar can sense the presence of invisible creatures, though he seems conflicted on sharing this information with others.

Shuushar has taken a liking to Lusion, the human noble who first asked him “What’s up with you?”

Shuushar The Awakened

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