Out Of The Abyss

Sweet Freedom! "Day" 5 - Reunions


Our brave adventurers rose to greet the day, only slightly smelling of soot and gas. As always, arising brought with it the familiar pangs of hunger. Not surprisingly, their rations were again running low.

Thanks to the previous days explosion, a great deal of them were nicely charred and smoked, imparting a great deal of flavor to the standard hardtack, biscuits, and jerky. Even the dried fruits tasted better.

The lack of food drove them to once again take up foraging. Surely, there must be something in this inhospitable clime that they could actually eat. And after traversing through a few miles of barren rock and stone, they came across a cavern filled with great mushrooms.

And, oddly? Fan Fan.

They had not seen the monk since the holidays their escape from the Velkynvelve, and while they were glad that he was alive, they still had quite a few questions for him. Where had he been? What had he been doing? Why was he standing in a mushroom field in the Underdark, silently peeling potatoes with that concerned look on his face? And what was he staring at so intently?

As they moved to approach him, they noticed that they were being watched as well. Drow and quaggoths were looking at them, silent, and unmoving. Our heroes were wary of another attack, and horrified at the prospect that perhaps they were on the verge of another run-in with Mistress Ilvara. But nothing happened. They continued staring. As did Fan Fan.

After discerning that they were not going to do anything of note, some of our hungrier heroes moved quickly towards the tempting fungus. However, some of our heroes recalled the experiences they last time they stumbled upon a cave of mysterious mushrooms. These adventurers took careful stock of the situation, going so far as to ask Stool, a myconid sprout, if he knew anything about which mushrooms were safe in a shameful example of prejudicial stereotyping. While Stool didn’t know anything about the mushrooms, Jimjar and Eldeth identified a few of them as edible. There was a particulary large mushroom in the back of the darkened and unfamiliar cave, which is always a safe place to traverse. And so, the hungry monk went over there, a rumble in his belly.

Suddenly, tentacles!

In a truly shocking and entirely unpredictable twist, a grick had been hiding in a fissure, waiting to attack the first hapless traveler that approached, tentacles flailing in a wild fashion. it turns out that our heroes were not the only ones in this cavern…now where they the only ones who hungered.

Fortunately, they were the only ones who were armed and armored in that cave, something the grick was soon to discover, much to its chagrin. Our heroes made short work of this beast.

And staying true to form, our heroes decided to celebrate their victory by cooking and eating the grick; because that’s how they roll, one has to imagine.

During this time, a few of the braver adventurers approached the drow and quaggoth, who still watched them. They said nothing, even when greeted in Elvish and Undercommon. It was then that our heroes noticed there were prominent fungal growths on the heads of the Underdark creatures. Seeing this, our heroes wisely moved away from them.

Fan Fan related his story of getting separated after the Velkynvelve cave-in. He and Ara had wandered through the Underdark during a winter break for some time before he stumbled across this mushroom cavern. He had lost track of Ara, and was glad he ran into and reunited with the group. It seems things were looking up for him.

Although the same can not be said of his exotic cooking skills. As our brave adventurers consumed the food, a few of them fell ill. And two of them were driven to madness after eating the fire-roasted grick tentacles, for some completely inexplicable reason (something that has to be a blow to one’s cooking confidence).

John Willow ended up (once again) consumed by madness, fleeing at top speed into the darkness. Another adventurer began screaming uncontrollably at the top of his lungs until he was gagged by a potato, Fan Fan already earning his spot back on the team.

As the group searched for this fleeing fighter, they eventually found him…trapped in a giant web. The entire cavern he was in had a great deal of webs crisscrossing the walls. And as they realized that something had to have spun those webs.

And they found out that that something was still in the cave: Giant spiders.

Our heroes were prepared to fight, but they noticed the spiders seemed almost…distracted. As though they were searching for something.

Still, a battle broke out. John Willow was restrained by the webbing, as were two of his companions who had moved to free him and been ambushed. Those two were also bitten by spiders, falling to the spiders venom.

It was then that Quiddie had the plan of using fire to burn away the webbing. And it worked. Though she may not have realized that fire burns other things, to.

The licking tongues of flame so adrenalized the poisoned companions that they were able to shake off the effects of the poison and rejoin the fray! However, everyone noticed that the spiders suddenly ran past them.

To Jimjar.

“Aw, crap!” Jimjar was nearly laid low as he was attacked by at least three spiders, but he persevered. And our heroes laid waste to the audaciously attacking arachnids.

Afterwards, Fan Fan confronted Jimjar, and realized he still had the cursed spider eyes from the drow state in the priestess’ chamber in the Velkynvelve. The ones that provoked hostility in spiders.

Fingers were pointed, voices were raised, and it seemed as though people would come to blows. Then, Shuushar asked what precisely was the nature of this curse.

He was told that the cursed eyes caused murderous aggression in spiders until the eyes were handed over to a drow worshipper of Lolth.

Shuushar looked at Jimjar.

Then, he looked at Sarith.

Then, back at Jimjar.

“Is our guide not a drow worshipper of Lolth?”

This prompted a long, embarrassed silence as our adventurers realized this. They had to feel like a bunch of Grade-A morons for overlooking this obvious solution. Seriously, what kind of idiot—

Jimjar handed the eyes to Sarith, who did not bother hiding the smirk on his face. When asked if he knew that this would work, he responded in the affirmative. Our adventurers asked why he had said nothing about that before this moment.

The drow just shrugged and told them it was amusing watching the lot of them try to figure out the obvious solution to a simple problem. What next? Would they be stymied by a door?

Rightfully ashamed, our heroes camped for the night in the first place they could find, preparing for yet another day.

Players: Fan Fan, Quiddie, Jobe, Tarrin, John Willow, Reese, Samora, Tanis

Enemies Defeated/Dealt With

  • Grick
  • GIant Spiders – 5

Experience Gained: 181

Potentiality For Our Heroes To Overlook Obvious Solutions To Important Problems And Thus Place Themselves In Unnecessary Danger In This Already Treacherous Place: I mean, Sarith was right there.



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