Congratulations, adventurers! You have successfully escaped from the drow slave outpost known as the Velkynvelve! Slaves no longer, you are free!

Absolutely free! In the Underdark, miles beneath the earth’s surface. You have no idea how to get home. You don’t even know where you are. You don’t know what time it is, you don’t even know what day it is. You can’t see more than a few feet in front of you, and some of you can’t see even that. The darkness is absolute and unending. You have very little food or water. You are traveling with complete strangers who you have armed and armored; including an orc, a drow, and one of the mad kuo-toa. When Shoor told you no one was coming for you, he was right. When he said you gods couldn’t reach you, he did not lie. You have never felt this alone in your life.

But you know you’re not truly alone, don’t you? You don’t really think that cave-in is going to keep the drow trapped forever, do you? Do you really think they’ll just let you go? That the drow – the drow – are forgiving?

And those were demons back there. They flew through the area you’re standing in right now. Do you think that was a fluke? That what you saw will be the end of it?

And even ignoring all of that, this is the Underdark. Strange, horrific things happen here. They can toy with your mind. Do you naively believe that madness won’t touch you? The hallucinations? You’ve had the nightmares, haven’t you? The Underdark is wild, it’s alien, it’s dangerous and it is all around you. You know it’s coming for you. Soon.

But as you strain your ears and tax them to the limit, the only thing that breaks the painful, suffocating, deafening silence is the echo of unseen movement. Scurrying sounds that linger in these caverns of everlasting night. Muffled screeches of a vrock demon. And the faint sounds of shovels and pickaxes coming from Velkynvelve.

So, you see…you’re not alone at all. You have fled Velkynvelve, boldly rushing in where angels fear to tread and entered Hell. Welcome to the Underdark, “heroes”. Good luck finding your way…Out Of The Abyss.™


Out Of The Abyss Playerbane