...my bad.

“Errata” is so pretentious.

Experience: You received 302 experience from the session dated 11/18/2015. Adjust your sheets accordingly if you were playing (Fan Fan, John Willow, Chryso, Nordafrost

Items: The following are the actual items you received from rummaging through the elite drow barracks; this amendment has nothing to do with whether or not I may or may not have forgotten to bring the module with me and was running that thing entirely off of memory on Wednesday.


  • (4) shortswords
  • (4) hand crossbows with a case of 20 bolts
  • (4) chain shirts
  • (4) 100 foot coils of silk rope with a small grappling hook on the end


  • (4) flasks of drow poison; one flask can treat 20 crossbow bolts (or arrows, probably; yeah, we’ll rule that like that)
  • (8) changes of clothing
  • Trinkets

Trinkets (these are in the Player’s Handbook and probably the Basic Rules):

  • A piece of crystal that glows faintly in the moonlight
  • A tooth from an unknown beast
  • An old divination card bearing your likeness
  • A bag containing forty-seven humanoid teeth, one of which is rotten
  • A crystal knob from a door
  • A silver teardrop earring made from a real teardrop
  • The shell of an egg painted with scenes of human misery in disturbing detail
  • An invitation to a party where a murder happened
  • A bit of folded cloth that, when unfolded, turns into a stylish cap
  • A vial of dragon’s blood

...my bad.

Out Of The Abyss Playerbane